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A passionate public servant dedicated to improving the 13th district

As the son of a Tuskegee Airman who was a member of the historic 99th Fighter Squadron, I have worked my entire like to embody the ideals and tenacity they demonstrated. After my father’s military service, my parents were entrepreneurs who owned a grocery store and real estate business, giving me an appreciate of the needs of small business. My work for the United States State Department overseas gave me insight into the challenges of globalization an international trade.

I am a graduate of Eastern Michigan University, the University of Michigan Law School and George Washington University with a Masters degree in international affairs. I am a married father of two.

I’ve spent my entire life breaking barriers and advancing civil rights inside and outside the courtroom. I was one of the first African-American basketball players to integrate the Southeastern Conference, and I led my college’s first black newspaper and Afro-American student association. As a lawyer, I’ve fought for civil rights and I served as lead counsel to a group of University of Michigan students of color in the case in which the United States Supreme Court preserved Affirmative Action.

I’m ready to serve the 13th district of Michigan as your next congressman. With your support, we will improve the community we call our home!

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